Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

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TROTEC Pool Dehumidifiers

DS series for highly efficient moisture control and heat recovery in indoor swimming pools or spas

Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

Be it an indoor swimming pool, spa or wellness centre – for all areas, efficient room humidity control is a must to ensure the comfort of visitors and to minimise damage to the building and its contents.

DS 30 and DS 60 are specifically developed for swimming pool hall dehumidification and include quiet running and powerful radial fans, insulated compressors and polyester-coated heat exchanger surfaces to protect against corrosion.

Both wall-mounted units are easy to install, work fully automatically and can extract large amounts of moisture from the room air, even in air temperatures as low as 5 °C.

The energy absorbed during the process of dehumidification is turned into warmth and directly used for heating the room, which further increases the device’s efficiency. As an example, for every unit of electricity that the units consume they will give 2.5 kw of heat back to the room.

  • Professional quality
    “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec
  • Especially developed for use
    in wet rooms
  • High dehumidification
    performance with optimum
    heat recovery
  • Low specific energy consumption – extremely high economic efficiency
  • Corrosion-protected construction
    made of fibreglass-reinforced
    plastic – easy to clean
  • Powerful air circulating radial fan
  • Compressor housed in a sealed
  • Heat exchanger with
    corrosion-resistant CDC coating
  • Infinitely adjustable hygrostat
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Wall mounting kit included

As standard all pool dehumidifiers come equipped with internal heat recovery, thus automatically utilizing the released process heat for low-cost heating of the room air.

Trotec DS Series Specs

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