New Pool Cover Products & New to the team!

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer van den Eshof (TnISPE) has joined the Fairlocks team based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

With years of pool industry experience, Jennifer has been recruited to support promotion of Fairlock’s new cover range.

Covers specifically designed to give your customers a completely sealed and aesthetic solution in keeping their pools clean all year round. Jen will be the main contact for this product range so please reach out and get in touch for more information on these much sought-after products.

Automatic Pool Safety Cover…

Quick, easy to use, reliable and safe.

The new range of swimming pool covers from CovLock are quick to use, safe, reliable and can be retro-fitted or installed at build. They can cover any shaped pool and offer a hydraulic motor that is effortless to use.

​Get in touch with Jen to uncover more benefits and options available for the CovLock. 

covdeck logo UK

Mobile Pool & Spa Safety Decks

For all your pool, spa pool or garden room solutions.

The CovDeck offers unprecedented versatility by creating usable space above your swimming pool or spa. The insulated deck protects heat loss, while providing a safe environment for family dining, play or sunbathing. A simple click of a button will then move the deck to uncover the spa or pool underneath. The CovDeck can be retro-fitted as well as installed at build. Built on a stainless steel frame the CovDeck can withstand up to 2000kg in weight.

The deck can be used for a variety of pool and spa shapes, including multiple parts and varying sizes. Please contact Jen for more information.