Puriq – a smart UV-C water purification system

Puriq enables ultimate control for cleaner water with fewer chemicals.

Puriq UV-C Water Purifier

Utilising the latest technology, the Puriq UV-C lamp emits very powerful UV-C light with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds.

The extra wide SAE 316 stainless steel housing extends the time the water is exposed to the strong UV-C radiation while also minimizing the pressure drop as the water passes through.

Puriq offers the following benefits:

  • Over 12,000 lamp hours
  • Energy efficient, saving money and environmentally friendly
  • Extra large stainless steel housing for longer contact time with the water
  • 35% more UV-C yield through reflection
  • Simple installation

For more information about the Puriq UV-C water purifier, contact Paul@martina126.sg-host.com.