Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

Luxury finishes for swimming pools and spas

Flolux logoThe patent-protected Flolux Stainless Steel Pool Fittings range represents the full suite of visible wall fittings for a pool or spa and will offer discerning owners a superior, safe and affordable finish.

Innovatively designed in Australia, Flolux fittings: are suitable for concrete pools, spas and other submerged areas; sit flush to pool and spa walls and floors; are designed for easy installation; and can be interchanged with existing PVC fittings.

Flolux facias: are designed and sculpted from marine grade stainless steel (FloJet and FloAir facias are turned from solid marine grade stainless steel); are polished for a superior, first-class finish; and are safely secured to the high-grade PVC backing through the FloLock System.

The Flolux Finish ensures every aspect of a luxury pool or spa is visually and functionally of the highest calibre. With a focus on innovative design, aesthetic excellence and quality craftsmanship, the uncompromising Flolux range is a revolution in safety, elegance and incomparable finishing for concrete pools and spas.

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