HIDE Skimmer Lids
​Safe. Seamless. Stunning

Swimming pool skimmer covers

HIDE covers can be installed both in new landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas. They are designed for quick (and affordable) installation by a contractor, and each HIDE kit contains all the components for a no-fuss install.  The only thing left to do is to choose your inlay!

HIDE has designed a range of innovative covers for skimmers and access points to provide a sophisticated and more aesthetically pleasing alternative. HIDE covers can be fitted with tiles, timber or concrete to match the pool surrounds, creating a luxurious, uninterrupted outdoor space. The cover can be removed safely and ergonomically with the HIDE Safety Key. The purpose of the key is to prevent children from accessing the skimmer box.

By offering your customers the very best Skimmer cover on the market, you will not only be boosting your profit margin on every job, but you will also be offering a safe, seamless and stunning finish to any landscape.


  • SAFETY KEY 316L marine grade stainless steel Key, enabling the installed HIDE cover to be safely and easily opened and closed.​
  • INLAY MATERIAL (not supplied) HIDE covers are designed to be fitted with your choice of inlay material. Add your tile, timber or concrete to create the perfect seamless finish. (This material is not supplied).
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTER If additional height is required when installing your stone, tile or timber, the height adjuster can be used as an option.
  • INLAY COVER This 316L marine grade stainless steel tray holds the inlay (tile, timber or Concrete) materials you’ve chosen, or have in your existing landscape.
  • EDGE PROTECTOR A stainless steel frame inserted into a recess within the landscaped area. It protects the coping/surrounds from chipping/breakage when the inlay lid is opened/closed.
  • ADHESIVE HIDE Kit Adhesive is a one-part adhesive specially developed for long-term fitting of natural stone and/or porcelain tiles into the HIDE Inlay Series.
  • DOCUMENTATION Each Kit is complete with a comprehensive Contractor Installation guide, Homeowners manual and 10 year warranty.

All HIDE components are manufactured in 316L marine grade stainless steel and to a range of sizes that suit most applications. However, our all-inclusive manufacturing and engineering processes enable us to custom make sizes to your unique needs if required. Our quality control procedures and rigorous testing ensure we are not only producing the very best product possible but one that is long lasting, durable and exceeds all safety standards. Once installed, our HIDE cover may be hard to see, but it’s nice knowing a 10-year warranty backs this quality product. Download the brochure or contact one of our team for further information.

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