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Covrex® is a completely new and innovative product; all slats are solid providing both additional rigidity and a perfect finish on curves which can be cut, on site, to fit any shape. Automatic Swimming Pool Covers have come a long way from the outdated method of cutting in stepped curves; of course this also means that you will never need to worry about end caps breaking and leaking.

Covrex® covers are no ordinary pool covers; they offer huge advantages over traditional PVC slatted covers in terms of insulation properties; Covrex® pool cover systems have an average thermal conductivity of λ= 0.12 W/(m*K).

The profile structures are made from expanded PVC-foam, coextruded with polyurethane. The exterior is high density PVC, which gives a perfectly smooth surface to prevent any algae formation either above or below the water level, and can withstand temperatures from minus 20°C to plus 80°C.

Covrex® covers comply with the French safety standard NF P 90308 Version 2006, probably the strictest standard in the market. They provide excellent resistance to weather and UV which makes them suitable for use all year round and come with an amazing standard 5 year warranty.

Covrex® pool covers are the ideal solution for level deck or infinity edge pools since their design allows them to roll out perfectly straight every time, without the need for guides which can easily get jammed in the pit.

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pool cover insulation

Pool Cover Insulation

The Covrex® Classic foam filled slats keep the water temperature stable.

They offer an incredible insulation coefficient of 4,85 W/(m².K). 

Minimise heat loss during the night and colder days.

Pool Cover Colours

Covrex® Classic slats are available in 4 colours: arctic blue, cream white, silex grey and steel grey.

arctic blue
arctic blue pool cover
cream white
cream white pool cover
silex grey
silex grey pool cover
steel grey
steel grey pool cover

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